A Quest for God’s Glory Makes the Supralapsarian

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Scott Price

Throughout recorded theological history nicknames have been created, some good and others bad. When asked if I am a “Calvinist” I must be careful how to answer because they may be wondering if I am a Calvinist in my view of baptism or church government. On the other hand they may think that Calvinism is Continue reading


Wesley, Hater of Clear Doctrine

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God and Evil

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By Michael Trevino

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God’s Sovereignty, a Round Table Talk with Scott Price

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JOHN BRINE Remarks Upon a Pamphlet, Intitled, ‘Some Doctrines in the Supralapsarian Scheme Impartially Examined by the Word of God’

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Just sayin

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FaceBook page on Supralapsarianism

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If you use Face Book I have a page there called “I Am Supralapsarian”. Feel free to drop by and Like the page and interact with many other Supras on Face Book.

The link is:



Scott Price

Sovereign Grace: What is it all about?

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By Scott Price

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