A Quest for God’s Glory Makes the Supralapsarian

Scott Price

Throughout recorded theological history nicknames have been created, some good and others bad. When asked if I am a “Calvinist” I must be careful how to answer because they may be wondering if I am a Calvinist in my view of baptism or church government. On the other hand they may think that Calvinism is equated to what a Freewill Arminian Baptist would call eternal security with no effectual atonement to ground it on. Thanks, but no thanks. But if you mean do I hold to the doctrine commonly called Sovereign Grace that includes 5 points in the form of T-U-L-I-P, then yes, I am very much so a Calvinist in that sense. It is a shame that truth so precious has become referenced by the name of a mere man. But if it is a means to use to communicate initially in today’s world then I will take advantage of it just as I would a letter, computer, cell phone or any such other communicating device. Today, some 400-500 years after the systematic formation (not the creation of the actual truth of these doctrines since they are very Biblical) of these doctrines for easy remembrance and use in study, one must even distinguish further their position for clarifying where they stand.

Today, for example, the term or name Christian has been watered down so much that it means so many DIFFERENT things to so many people that it is seemly a weak term left by itself without further clarification. This is the same with the term Calvinism. This site seeks to make the necessary clarifications and expose misconceptions of what has at times been called “High Calvinism”. Drugs are not done to get me high. I do not in any case promote high mindedness, but rather the very opposite. If any know me they know I do not promote a high spot for myself (Popish) in my view of the way the church is run (religion’s way of separating “clergy” from “laity”). This is not the high I speak of when readily identify with the nickname of High Calvinist. It is a high view, a Biblical view, of the only true Most High God and a high view of His grace. Every attempt is made to NOT undervalue or conceive of His grace as being something common or ineffectual. This is for His glory, His very Name’s sake.

Note very carefully that this blog site is for educational purposes; Mainly MY education, yours too hopefully, unless you already know everything. Please get involved and take a little time to view Him as “high and lifted up”. We will look at gospel doctrine, gospel theology, theological history, real conspiracies against the truth, investigating past and current controversies about sovereign grace, define theological terms such as Supralapsarianism, Infralapsarianism and Hyper-Calvinism, looking at the different views of Predestination by even using charts, etc., all to see the interesting world of the Christ centered Supralapsarian mind-set. It is my comfort zone.

Do you find yourself or others almost apologizing for God’s absolute sovereignty in all things, trying desperately to phrase things so people don’t accuse the God of the Bible of being a monster? Have you developed your doctrine in such a way as to try to give God an excuse or conditions for being sovereign? Are you embarrassed by a sovereign God who really does not give all without exception “chances” to go be saved or does not get the gospel to everybody without exception (the old: man-on-the-dessert-island question?). Do you have a problem talking about what is commonly called Double Predestination? Does it make you nervous? Do you use the phrase Reprobate and explain it in such a way that God did not do this on purpose but rather some Divine reluctance? Do you claim you left Arminian works-based religion but still use much of the same language in describing God? Do you think none of this really even matters in the first place? Think again….at least think.

Lastly, I say all this, having been somewhat in a different zone (as what some call a “Low Calvinist” or Infralapsarian) very early after my conversion and even 4-5 years prior to my conversion as a Calvinist who did not know the Lord. I thank God for providentially sending the various means that led me a different Lapsarian view, the higher and Biblical view of God as He is on His throne. This will be a place where current and past preachers, theologians and writers will be referenced so you may do further study. I have a brief list offered of Supralapsarians. We need links provided for good articles and sites that promote Supralapsarianism. We will give names of books and even book reviews of good books dealing with these issues. God uses means for these truths to enter the mind-gate and we want them available as many people as possible. They have been suppressed way too long.

That is what this blog site is designed for, to attempt to promote thinking in this neglected area. Requesting someone to think at all is very offensive to many in this day and age. These are just a few things we plan looking into. Stick around. Visit, partake, participate, give feedback, spread the word, etc. Hope to hear from you very soon.

13 Responses to “A Quest for God’s Glory Makes the Supralapsarian”

  1. I have read some of this blog. I wonder what you might think of this post on my blog:


    (as you will see, I nicked your image)

  2. I do affirm to what so called 5 points of Calvinism. I praise God for leading me to this site. I do hope, i will learn much more about this doctrine.

  3. I read on your blog that you would hold that Jerry Falwell was, in your words, a “false prophet”. Do you believe that any “Christian” not holding to equal ultimacy, or at the very least limited atonement, is actually an unsaved person? To wit, would you hold that believing in these positions is necessary to be saved? Or perhaps that they are not necessary in order to be saved, but would be the irresistibly necessary outcome of a belief system within a regenerated person, and so much so that not to believe them would be an absolute proof of one’s lack of salvation?

    • Dave, Thanks for your comment. To answer your question about whether a person has to believe in Equal Ultimacy to be saved? No. Limited Atonement? I like to use the term EFFECTUAL Atonement better, which I believe is the gospel aspect of Limited Atonement. I have an article on the blog that talks about holding to Limited Atonement and missing the gospel. You should read that to see more detail. I am certain that the christ of Universal Atonement is a false christ.

  4. Have I got the web site for YOU! Actually, your passion inspired us to produce the section, entitled; “Supralapsarian Digest”. We’re a “spiritual ministry of Sovereign Grace”: Please give us a visit…

  5. Great to see to the True & Glorious Supralapsarian View
    being confidently & so eloquently Stated, I have enjoyed
    the articles on this site immensely.

  6. markmcculley Says:

    I find it interesting that these very same preachers who are teaching “eternal election is eternal justification” so that “election is salvation” are the very same people who also like to say that “non-election is not condemnation”. But when they say this, they have to change their soundbites so that “election is not salvation but only unto salvation”. They they quote CD Cole—“Election is not the cause of anybody going to hell, for election is unto salvation (2 Thessalonians 2: 13). Neither is non-election responsible for the damnation of sinners. Sin is the thing that sends men to hell, and all men are sinners by nature and practice. Sinners are sinners altogether apart from election or non-election. It does not follow that because election is unto salvation that non-election is unto damnation. Sin is the damning element in human life. Election harms nobody.”

    Those who refuse to give explanations like to have their cake and also eat it. On the hand, they like to reduce salvation to God’s sovereignty and equate election with justification ( and don’t talk about justification or Christ obtaining righteousness by being imputed with guilt). But on the other hand, when it comes to explaining the non-salvation of the non-elect, these same preachers don’t want to talk about God’s sovereignty but only about God’s justice.


  7. Jackie Patawaran Says:

    Thanks for inviting me to this blog. Please keep me posted.

  8. Billy Meeks Says:

    Very glad for this helpful sight and hope to participate

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