Worried About the Non Elect Getting into Heaven?


Heaven way

Scott Price

“But ye believe not, because ye are not of My sheep, as I said unto you.” John 10:26
Many times for many years I have seen the straw man built and torn down in reference to the idea that some, especially those who are very uncompromising about the gospel, defend it in such a way that they are afraid that some of the non-elect will get into heaven. Several things come to mind when such idiotic ideas are brought forth.

#1) The bottom line is those who would level such a charge cannot stand the absolute sovereignty of God Almighty. Man sometimes has an attitude that, “If I were God I would do this or that.” What they are saying is that they do not think it is fair that God did not save one of their loved ones who died in their sins rejecting the gospel of Christ. God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts not our thoughts.

#2) This leads me to the next point that has men and women adjusting (compromising) their theology, doctrine, or “gospel” to accommodate those they know and love who believe a false gospel. I have three children who are not converted as of yet, which means if they die in an unbelieving state they will be in Hell. I was told by someone that if one would die that I change my views concerning their state. We cannot be adjusting our gospel based on our emotional whims or wishes. We must judge consistently by the same gospel we believe and defend.

#3) The fact is when we try to open the narrow gate (strait or compressed gate) wider than what God has opened it we make gospel of none effect. If we say God loves EVERYBODY, Christ died for EVERYBODY, and God is trying to save EVERYBODY, we actually shut the gate shut altogether because God will NOT use a false gospel as a means to convert sinners. Seeking to remove the offense of the cross by saying His death is not effectual is not helping the cause of Christ at all but rather going against it.

#4) Some who hold a strict or high view of grace, specifically those who hold a Supralapsarian view of God’s decrees, which are the ones who are accused the most of worrying about the non elect getting into heaven are also accused of being anti-evangelistic, Hyper-Calvinistic, cold, hard, stagnant, unloving, hateful, too intellectual (think too much?), too philosophical, (the list goes on). This charge is mainly due to an anti-offer stance and holding a view that God predestinates the non elect to condemnation before the foundation of the world.

#5) This charge of worrying that the non elect will get in to heaven is relative to the one brought forth by the Legalist against those who preach grace consistently and are accused of being Antinomian. We cannot change our stance so as not be called names or eliminate persecution. Many more crazy accusations will come if we preach grace without compromise.

In Conclusion
We are commanded to preach the gospel to everybody without exception. The gospel is the means God uses in the salvation of the elect. That same gospel is used in heaping more condemnation on the non elect as they reject it. This gospel will not go out void but will accomplish one of those two goals. We address sinners we evangelize as unconverted, unbelievers, not as elect or non-elect. We do not know who the elect are until they believe the gospel and we do not know who the non elect are until we see them die in unbelief.

Preach the gospel and pray for the ones you preach to. After you do that you know the stupid accusations are not true. I can say that knowing our performance in this matter is not perfect and must be humbled to pray: God renew in us daily more of a fervor and desire for the unconverted souls of sinners!

One Response to “Worried About the Non Elect Getting into Heaven?”

  1. Thank you for preaching the truth, Scott.

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