Consider the Intention of His Call


Scott Price

“…..He (Jesus Christ) cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth.” John 11:43

Some say if Jesus Christ would have just commanded, “come forth” without it being to anyone in particular, that everybody in the cemetery would rise from the dead. Is that really true? Is the effectiveness of His call only based on the sufficiency of His power? What about the Savior’s purpose, intent, and will? Does God intend or purpose eternal life for all without exception and then hope for them to respond to a universal offer? The answer is: obviously not because God cannot fail in His purpose.

Christ commanded Lazarus specifically to “come forth”. The power of God’s call to salvation is not only that it is particular but is also in the purpose, intent, and will, which supports His particular call. His will and intent define and uphold the particularity of His call to make it effectual. The effectual gospel call results from the particular, effectual redemption that Christ accomplished on behalf of His particular, chosen people when He established a perfect righteousness for them. This particular, effectual redemption is grounded in the eternal, unconditional love of God, in Christ. The whole successfully wise design is based on the everlasting covenant of grace, before time, which has its first and foremost intent to glorify Almighty God. Consider His intentions. He will succeed in every single one of them.

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