Has God Given Everybody “The Right” To Choose?

Scott Price

When the wondrous gospel of free and sovereign grace in Christ is preached usually the objection from the mouth of those who do not believe it is; God gave man a freewill choice to choose Him or reject Him (sometime phrased, “to accept or reject Christ”). A few things are involved here and must be dealt with.

#1) The idea of man’s “right to choose” is an anti-Christ idea. It attempts to strip away grace and mercy making God obligated to man. The whole concept of mercy is that it is not obligated. Think of the illogic of this unrighteous doctrine, that God Almighty would give the command to believe the gospel of Christ and then gives men the “right” to reject Christ in the gospel. How stupid can this be? Where does this come from? It comes from the idea, which many who even claim to be Reformed, Sovereign Grace, and Calvinists teach that this is not a command but rather a gracious “offer”. Now, an offer can be rejected, but a command must be obeyed! It is simple to see that man does not have the God-given right to not to believe the gospel.

#2) Man’s inability to choose good over evil or Christ in the gospel is very clear from the Scripture’s description of Mankind. This is the essence of Total Depravity. Man, by nature, has a spiritually dead wicked heart and is unable to understand spiritual things or move to seek God. Man cannot do good, be righteous, obey any law, or fulfill any conditions that might be placed on him to attain eternal life. This Biblical doctrine of Man’s inability is rejected when faith is made to look like an offer to accept or reject. The Bible teaches that faith is a sovereign gift of God that the Spirit works in the mind of God’s elect, CAUSING them to choose Him.

#3) Those who object to God’s particular grace say that God gives everybody an “equal chance to be saved”. The fact is that God has seen fit for some to NEVER hear the gospel. We can dismiss the “equal chance” theory.

God is the only being who has “rights” by nature. He has Divine rights by virtue of who He is. Man is dependent on God for salvation from start to finish. God’s people are given the faith to believe this and to love depending on Him for mercy and grace. Thank God it does not depend on our choice! We would choose sin. Adam and Even did, even before they had a sin nature. Think of the haughtiness and pride of self-righteous man demanding the “right” of choice. What utter wickedness!

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