Non-Toleration No Matter How “Close” It May Seem

Scott Price

The deeper in ignorance of the truth a person is, the easier it is for Satan and his ministers to deceive with their false gospel. Some who would mock the word of God in excusing folks in their unbelief say that they are sincere and they did not know any better. Are they so dull to not see the SUBTILITY of the Devil is to prey on people’s ignorance? The basic essence of how Satan crafts his lie is by adding as little works as possible, so as to camouflage the message to appear as close as possible to grace. Scripture is clear that the wisdom of man, which God condemns as foolishness, is the idea that man can merit, to some extent, a part of his salvation by the aid of human merit. Oh, they would never come out and say that, not even most of the worst offenders of grace such as the Roman Catholic Church.

The point is the closer the Devil can come to truth, which means the least amount of a lie he can add, is to the advantage of his being subtle and crafty. The obvious place for the Devil to chip away is at the effectualness of the atonement of Jesus Christ. The Devil will point to anything and everything else he can to add to, or put in place of the Person and work of Christ by itself being what makes the only ground and saving difference heaven or hell. To apply the death of Christ to all without exception is to say that Christ died in vain, since many for whom he died end up in hell. This is NOT the Christ of the Bible! This means that the “4-point Calvinist” who rejects an effectual atonement is in no better off and is no “closer” to the truth than the Roman Catholic. Both gospels are false gospels and blaspheme the Holy Name of the Lord Jesus Christ by promoting glorying in the self-righteous flesh. Be not ignorant of Satan’s deceiving devices.

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