Not Ashamed of His Absolute Sovereignty

There is constant pressure from weak religion, even “Evangelicals”, who claim to believe in the fundamentals, to tame down or even toss out the sovereignty of God in all things. They gang up, they recruit, they form alliances with those of influence, they accuse us of having a God who is a monster or that we teach in a God who runs us like robots.

In our work of the ministry, trying to represent the character of God as accurately, as Biblically possible, do we think compromise with the religious world will do us or anyone else any good? If we were to follow their lead or bend to there pressure do you think it would open the door to have more people listen to us? I tell you it will NOT open any doors, but it would actually be shutting the door by misrepresenting the character of God.

Our job is not to tone down and form a god that matches the human pride of man, one who we can manipulate with our will. Our task is repeat what the word of God says about who God is. This is the way to glorify God, just repeat what God has already said about Himself. That is confessing Him. To “confess” something is to say the same word (or agree) about what is being said. We are not to fall for the weak and detracting arguments that we think God makes robots when the Scripture clearly show ALL humanity is clay from the same lump. Yes, God is the Potter of that clay and He alone decides what to form the clay into. After we are reminded of that text the little robot comment seems to fizz out.

The point is, no matter what objection or appeal that religion has or tries to use against our God we need not compromise who God truly is. If we do compromise isn’t it a sign that we are actually ashamed of His character? Are you afraid you will run off one of God’s elect with clear truth that offends? God’s people have to take in several aspects of, both, the cause and affect of the truth of God’s word that promise success of His word to be able to remain spiritually sane in this life.

So, which is it? Do you serve up the message with a dash of sugar and sparkles (half-truths or in other words – LIES) to fancy the character of God to the world making Him a god of the imagination or do you speak the truth without compromise and see His glory work? It’s not rocket science is it?


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