God Immutable – It Goes Beyond Him Merely “Knowing”

By Scott Price

Most church goers who talk about Predestination, when entering into the subject, say “Yes God knows what’s going to happen”. That is their version of Predestination. That’s it. That’s all. If you pry deeper and get them to explain more they go on to explain that God uses His power to launch His mind into the future to look and find out what is going to happen. They will read a text like this – Acts 15:18 “All His works are known to God from eternity.” They will still go on to say that this means God looks down through the future to see (this implies He learns) to see what He will do.

God is immutable, which means He does NOT change. This means He does not learn too. Why are all His works known to Him from all eternity? Not just because He is Omniscient (all-knowing) but because He decreed everything that He does. His purpose, decree, will or pleasure is already in Him and ahead of and drives all that happens through Him. God does not scramble and react to man’s will, nervously coming up with a plan B. He is not anxious like us humans. He doesn’t try things to how they will come out like some experiment. He does all things according to His purpose and none can stop Him or question Him (Isaiah 46:9-11, Dan 4:35).

God drives it all and doesn’t work from the seat of His pants like we do. He doesn’t chase His tail like a silly dog wondering why He can’t catch it. He does all His pleasure (Psm 115:3) and He has thought about it BEFORE He does it. This is the God of the Bible and all others are idols. These idols are represented in most churches and people like to have it so. They want a god they can control and have on a leash. After all, they claim they have freewill and that their god would not dare violate that.

One Response to “God Immutable – It Goes Beyond Him Merely “Knowing””

  1. David Bishop Says:

    Nothing like reading this great Christian article only to then find at the bottom an advertisement from wordpress encouraging readers to click and find out about 20 celebrities you may not have known are gay. Sheesh

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