If You Hate God’s Sovereign Right to Chose You Love Works For Salvation

by Scott Price

(for the children being not yet been born, neither having done any good or evil; that the purpose of God according to election might stand, not of works, but of Him who called,)   Romans 9:11

Even so in this present time there is a remnant according to the election of grace. And if by grace, then it is no more of works; otherwise grace is no more grace. But if it is of works, then it is no more of grace; otherwise work is no more work.  Romans 11:5

These two texts show us that the sovereign grace of God in election stands opposed to the humanistic idea of salvation by works. Without God electing His people in Jesus Christ there would be no salvation at all. The word of God has many, many references to God the Father choosing His people in Jesus Christ, before the world began. The religion of the world, which promotes self-righteous efforts at attaining or maintaining a salvation before God, is either ignorant of God’s electing grace, or they outright reject and hate it. Why is this? Because election exposes what false religion holds dearest: Self-righteous pride, will-worship, and an unending attempt at human merit in salvation.

Those who hate God’s election of grace not only have a problem with the gospel of salvation by grace alone, but they also have a problem with the only God of grace. Yes, they have a problem with God Himself. They put God under an obligation to save all without exception. This opposes the idea of mercy of God, which is in Christ Jesus. Mercy and grace are NOT obligated. God has the choice in the matter. These are not concepts that take a genius to grasp. Rather, it is something a humble and simple person can understand.  It is in the Lord’s hands to cause a person to believe and love this truth. God’s people submit and love His truth. Children of the devil hate the gospel of grace, where the righteousness of God is revealed. Thank the Lord God for HIS electing love, grace and mercy!

2 Responses to “If You Hate God’s Sovereign Right to Chose You Love Works For Salvation”

  1. HonestMechanic Says:

    Ya know man, I don’t refute anything you say on this blog.
    Nor do I believe anything likewise.
    I hate my life, since I was born everyone I’ve ever known has hated me (even as I am always forgiving, always generous, friendly to all & never hated others).
    I’m homeless, worn out, have 4 broke down cars (as a mechanic this is no biggie).
    I have very few friends of suspicious motives, no woman, no life.
    One year ago, I lost consciousness on a curb (basically died, unknown reasons), since immediately after this the only thing I’ve thought about or done besides work is read, study, hear and teach the word & wisdom therein.
    I have great hope & faith (I’d already thought about this much, having not known about this Calvin doctrine…only knowing I was suspicious of this Calvin for various reasons)…
    Honestly, this depresses me & I think you should reform your approach (you wouldn’t want to offend one of these Lil ones who believes in him would ya?).
    Depresses me to think some could be treated like trash, hated, abused, hurt by mankind their whole lives…even always forgiving & still giving…. then be appointed their portion with those who took pleasure in hatred.

    Of course, my problem is not with the father..his works are just and perfect.

    My problem is with these doctrines of man, was not Abraham tested and through WORKS, his faith was known?

    Are not ALL things possible to those who believe?

    My real concern with your presentation, which I think is worthy of consideration… some may read YOUR doctrine & say “I couldn’t possibly be chosen” if we agree these are the very last days, what is 6.8 billion divided by 144k?.
    Those 144k are perfect, never defiled with women, etc….
    If the gospel must be preached in all nations & some may not have heard or understood till later in life, but oops they slept with a few trashy women because they were lonely.

    Maybe differentiate that “the elect” isn’t only “the elect” from revelations with a strict criteria.

    You also say in one of your posts, that the only thing you can do is preach the gospel, them pray for whom it was preached to.

    I see 98% doctrine of man here & a few sporadic quotes from Paul & Christ to back up those doctrines, which reminds me how many times I’ve been lead astray in my studies by people who cherry pick some quotes from the book, but fail to read the whole book or chapter for context…

    My point is this…. what happens when one of the “elect” begins their studies with your blog and says “oh bummer, we are condemned by pre-ordainment” (which is still true yes) & decides the end their studies, which is still all predetermined to happen.

    Wouldn’t you then, be foreordained to have millstone hanged about your neck and cast into the sea? …Even, seemingly having predetermined yourself to the election for being so wise and prudent?
    Maybe some wisdom is hidden from you?

    • Honest Mechanic, thanks for your comment. My goal is to honestly represent the truths of God’s word in the most accurate way possible. Most who hold to the doctrines of grace (sovereign grace, Reformed, Calvinists, T.U.L.I.P. doctrine) do not agree with me on most of these particulars. I try to be thought provoking. You don’t have to like it. I get that. The man who originally preached the gospel to me back in the 80’s was one who was very interested in NOT being a non-elect person. This is what drove him to search the Scriptures on all this grace and gospel stuff. This idea of someone tryting to figure out whether they are elect or not is something that cannot be determinded until a person believes the gospel. Faith is evidence that one is elect. Until then there is no way of guessing it right. Why even try to anticipate something like that if there is no evidence either way?

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