Just sayin


3 Responses to “Just sayin”

  1. markmcculley Says:

    when infras tell us why it’s fair
    they say “that’s not the question”
    but I tell them
    what’s wrong with their question
    for starters, they need a different question
    instead of assuming they are already Christians
    and then pretending to humbly asking why
    they could start with asking themselves
    if they are even born again yet and justified before God
    if they continue to assume they can explain what’s fair
    and if they keep on saying that
    God has not told us how it’s fair
    but then themselves tell us how it’s fair
    as in, the question is not why God does not save some
    because they say, the question is why God saves anybody
    i only ask
    is it not for God’s glory that God does not save some?

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